National Gallery of Australia, August 2014

The National Gallery of Australia has collected three complete series.

Late August 2014, the National Gallery of Australia collected three complete series: ‘Kanaky’, ‘Censored’ and ‘Stopover’. 

Kanaky’ toured New Zealand universities, through 1986, with the New Zealand Students’ Arts Council.
The National Gallery of Australia has collected the complete 29-image vintage exhibition series, #1 of an open edition, printed at the time of the first exhibition. 155 x 230 mm, image size.

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On the way to an ambush

‘On the way to an ambush’ was published by Victoria University Press, Wellington, New Zealand, and launched 22 April 1999 to a generous crowd at Unity Books, Wellington, the best bookshop in New Zealand.
“This is his record of time spent looking and thinking about what has been seen and what it might mean. Through a process I can only describe as an unfurling or unravelling, this war in Burma becomes a metaphor for Connew’s own life.” Peter Turner, past-editor, Creative Camera magazine.
The final copies of ‘On the way to an ambush’ have been numbered and signed. Each book is accompanied by a signed pigment print of the cover image, 100x150mm, on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, and a DVD of a contemporary recording of a slide show/narration of ‘On the way to an ambush’, first presented at Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington, New Zealand, August 1998.

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Body of Work

A new project and forthcoming book.

“In the first instance, ‘Body of Work’ is about the orchestrated process of horse breeding. But, as I wriggled through the months of scrutiny, in the midst of fluids, the snorting, the rawness of procreation, I gradually became aware of an idiosyncrasy in the temperament of the mares being served. I warmed to my task through the breeding season, specifically because I came to recognise, little by little, in one mare after another, an unforeseen faculty for reflection, each mare subtly relaying to those about them, an almost transcendent appreciation of their peculiar predicament.”

BRUCE CONNEW / 01.2015

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Alice Connew / Bruce Connew, January 2015

A link to an interview between Alice Connew and Bruce Connew for Photobook Melbourne.

Daniel Boetker-Smith, of Photobook Melbourne fame, Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive and much more, saw a photograph of Alice and me in a Berlin elevator posted on Alice’s Instagram feed. One of my books is in the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, which piloted Daniel to a eureka moment of father/daughter recognition.

He emailed Alice to ask whether she and I would interview each other for Photobook Melbourne’s news blog, exclusively I might add, in time for the magnificent Photobook Melbourne, 12-22 February 2015.

Of course, we agreed.

BRUCE CONNEW / 01.2015

The image at left, is from Alice’s ‘43’ series.

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